Tropical Leaves
ClearWash Process
Enabling a Fiber Economy

DTE Materials is a materials science technology company offering patented solutions for repurposing agricultural waste fibers into engineered bioaggregates for the construction, textile, composites, and plastics industries. Our ClearWash process allows builders and manufacturers to directly address their project’s sustainability goals by enabling natural fiber alternatives to their existing energy or carbon intensive aggregate sources. Our flagship product, StoneFiber panel, replaces sand and rock aggregates in a cementitious matrix to produce an insulating nonstructural concrete form. DTE Materials unlocks the potential of a fiber economy from previously discarded ag-waste.

DTE provides two core technologies:

A two-step green chemical pretreatment process for repurposing agricultural waste fibers into insulation materials. This process cleans fibers from mold and any contaminants, while also inducing increased porosity within the fiber anatomy for higher thermal performance. ClearWash is a carbon negative process that utilizes special enzymes so we never have to use heat or harmful solvents.

A carbon negative, fireproof, insulating natural fiber concrete material with the highest thermal performance in its class. Our materials are the most insulating natural fiber concretes, but also very tough and durable due to our unique surface chemistries. DTE’s technology makes it feasible to utilize waste fibers within the construction industry by creating a versatile supply chain. Our supply chain covers wood waste, bast fibers and leaf fibers which allows DTE market entrance to virtually any regional market. DTE however has placed a strong emphasis on the repurposing of agricultural hemp waste, due to its highly renewable and already inherit porous nature. Hemp is an emerging supply chain domestically, and DTE is strategically well positioned to utilize this large carbon sink material. DTE is the only company that can standardize cellulosic aggregates from hemp, regardless of the stalk genetics of flower vs dual crop vs fiber varieties – all made possible through our ClearWash process.

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